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The Answer Is In the Paint

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Today, I had a moment in my animation class where I just started spacing out during a lecture and just started thinking about painting...the paintings I'm working on...values, hues, paintings I'd seen recently that inspired me. And it reminded me of a moment in my Freshman year of college. I didn't know what I wanted to major in my first semester. I did a lot of theater in high school (along with art), had just joined a sketch comedy troupe at college which included a lot of acting, so I signed up for theater as my art elective thinking "maybe I'll major in theater?"...and in the first day of theater class I started thinking...yeah...this isn't for me, I want to take a drawing class. And all I was thinking during that one theater class was...I want to be painting and drawing right now. And my AP art credit got me out of intro to drawing thank god. I think the places that your mind wanders to can be quite telling. I have always been thinking about art...a place I go to when I'm bored, need to go to my happy place...or just curious about what I want to do with my free time. I think this was a good reminder today, in my animation class, that I am in the right field...and I am using the right medium to express myself and that I do have a love for painting. A lot of artists "die out" during their careers because their lives get busy, they don't have enough time or money to create...I hope I can stick it out for the long haul. Keep my hand moving and creating.

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