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Art Friends Are the Best Friends

Living in my first "adult apartment" here in Philly has me thinking about what artwork I might want to display on my walls. I started with posters and copies of famous artwork that I loved from museums (Matisse, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec...) but I'm here in grad school surrounded by so many amazing artists whose work I love and that speak to me. And there is something about knowing the materials and time that went into each piece. So I purchased or exchanged my piece for one of theirs and got them framed. From left to right: Kailey Brown's woodcut print, my family member's oil painting, and a BFA student Hannah Pacitti's print. They all speak to my soul and I love that I can support my friends and family. I feel excited and connected to each piece. I personally don't collect and want to continue collecting work based on what the value might be in 10 years but work that I look at and get excited and inspired by. Love having art friends.

Have been listening to this song a lot recently.

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