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Some New Finds...

I love stumbling upon new artists online on instagram, pinterest,... and while falling in love with art online isn't the same as in person, there is still so much to learn and get excited about during these moments. A few years ago, a teacher told me to look at the contemporary painter, Polina Barskaya. She is also doing figurative painting in domestic scenes. I loved her work and found the way she captured atmosphere to be impressive. Her color palette is a lot different than mine. She uses a lot of muted colors, greys, blacks, whites, greens, blues...there aren't a lot of high key moments. But I recently found some of her older work that has a little more saturated color and experimentation and looseness in brushstrokes. It's fun to see how artists evolve over the years. I really enjoyed seeing these pieces of hers.

Another painter's name that someone mentioned to me was Jane Freilicher. There is something about her scenes that are so magical to me. The ways she describes the cityscape of NYC with flowers in the foreground...she has a unique way of making the foreground and background equally as important without making them compete with each other. And her landscape scenes are inspiring.

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