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All for the painting

I have two more weeks of school before winter break. Final reviews are Dec 15 and 16. I've been working on canvas all semester and have been curious about switching over to wood panel. I worked on panel a few times last year. It was interesting because wood absorbs paint differently and glides across the panel uniquely while you paint, gets stuck in the was new. Exciting. But after a few experiments, I went back to using canvas. But I figured, why not give it another try. So I'm going to do my last painting for the semester on panel. I have a sketch of what I want the composition to look like. I'm going to do a combo of working from life and photos (since I want to include myself and there isn't a mirror in sight of the place where I'm working). I want to include some food in the comp (which I rarely cook...mainly a microwavable dinner/take-out person), flowers, papers from class, mugs...

So I thought about what recipe I could make that would be fun to paint and I came up with something that I love to eat that I could eat for days. It's an amazing chili recipe in this vegan/vegetarian cookbook. Whenever I make it...I eat it slowly over the course of a week. Perfect for this kind of painting if I'm painting from life. Plus it's delicious. Will go buy the ingredients tomorrow.

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